Ten Reasons Why You Will Need An Experienced Attorney

In this information age, a conviction or admission to a criminal offense, nor matter how minor, can have far reaching implications that can impact your life and the ones you care for in many ways that you may not anticipate or know about.

An admission or conviction to a criminal offense can result in the following possible sanctions to you and your person:

  1. Liberty: You may be sent to jail for a duration of time. You also may be court ordered to stay away from certain places and/or people due to criminal complaints and/or restraining orders (“209A Orders”).
  2. Embarrassment: A conviction or admission to a criminal complaint can sometimes prove to be personally devastating to you, your family and friends.
  3. Employment: Employers often become aware of convictions or admission and this could lead to the loss or restriction of employment. Also if you are self-employed, negative publicity and/or rumors could lead to a loss of business.
  4. Time: You can be placed on probation for fixed periods of time with regular reporting schedules. You also can be ordered to do community service, enter anger management programs and alcohol or drug rehab programs.
  5. Money: You can be ordered to pay: court costs, fines, restitution and probation fees. Also registry of motor vehicle assessments are very common in motor vehicle offenses.
  6. Drivers License Status: Many criminal convictions or admissions have a significant impact on your Massachusetts driver’s license status, up to and including suspension of your driver’s license.
  7. Criminal Offenders Record Information (“CORI”): Once your criminal case has been arraigned, it will enter on your “CORI” which is then available to many state agencies and certain procedures allow that information to be shared with non-state agencies and persons under the “Publicly Accessible CORI”. The Massachusetts CORI Unit website indicates that it processes approximately 100,000 requests per month that are not related to law enforcement.
  8. DNA Database: Some convictions carry with them an obligation to register with the Massachusetts state DNA database, including many non-sexual offenses.
  9. Sex Offender Registry (“SORB”): Some convictions result in an obligation to register as a sexual offender under the Massachusetts SORB.
  10. Publicity: You many find your case and you being reported on in local newspapers or on the television news. This can have far reaching effects as often times these reports can contain incorrect information.

These are just ten of the possible implications you could face, and each one of these alone is a reason why when charged with a criminal offense, you need to seriously consider hiring a capable and experienced lawyer such as attorney Sheehan to assist you in your defense and/or resolution of your criminal case.