Practice Areas

ttorney Sheehan has personally handled cases involving all of these offenses while practicing as an assistant district attorney and as a defense attorney, including but not limited to:

Abuse prevention order hearings (“209A orders”)
Violation of abuse prevention orders
Drunk driving and operation under the influence (“OUI”)
Operation under the influence of drugs
Civil motor vehicle infractions
Operation on a suspended license
Operation on a revoked license (“habitual traffic offender”)
Drug possession
Drug possession with intent to distribute
Distribution and trafficking in drugs
School zone violations
Firearms charges including 10(a) & 10(h) violations
Ammunition charges
Assault & battery including with dangerous weapons
Indecent assault & battery

Indecent Exposure
Larceny (by check, single scheme)
Larceny from the person
Armed and unarmed robbery
Possession of counterfeit notes
Indecent exposure
Lewd & lascivious conduct
Disorderly conduct
Sex for a fee
Common night walking

If you do not see the specific charge you are facing on this list, please contact attorney Sheehan to hear from him directly about his experiences in that particular offense.