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Attorney Patrick E. Sheehan
Law Office of Patrick E. Sheehan
268 Summer Street, Lower Level
Boston, Massachusetts 02210-1108
Phone: (617) 388-7114

** If you have been arrested or charged and would like to discuss the possibility of attorney Sheehan representing you, please leave a message with a phone number where you or a person authorized to speak on your behalf can be reached. Please note: leaving a message will not form an attorney/client relationship with attorney Sheehan, however it will allow him to contact you to see if he can represent you! Further do not leave any information relating to your case other than your name and the name of the criminal charge. Any statements you make about your case could later be revealed against you and harm your chances of successfully defending your case.

I have my cell phone with email access on my person 24/7, so I will return calls promptly!

Attorney Sheehan will personally return your call or email as soon as possible!