Why Hire Attorney Patrick E. Sheehan

  1. Litigation & Trial Experience: In his ten years practicing exclusively as a criminal defense attorney and as a prosecutor, Attorney Sheehan has more trial experience than most attorneys do in a career. Attorney Sheehan has successfully tried difficult cases, cross examined contentious witnesses, has dealt with scientific evidence.  These types of advanced trial skills cannot be merely taught, they are crafted through years of litigation experience which attorney Sheehan has.
  2. Knowledge of the Court: Attorney Sheehan knows the court personnel, judges, probation department and clerks department. Having been in the court system daily for over ten years, Attorney Sheehan knows the ins and outs of how the court proceeds and how a criminal complaint issues and what to expect as a case goes forward. Also attorney Sheehan was trained by and knows the ins and outs of district attorneys office. Much like being able to view the other teams playbook, attorney Sheehan’s experience provides you with a distinct advantage.
  3. Knowledge of the Law: Attorney Sheehan took multiple courses in advanced criminal law, scientific evidence and advanced trial practice in law school. However, even the most highly educated attorney cannot replicate the practical application of the law unless he uses it on a daily basis while practicing before the courts. Attorney Sheehan has that edge as he has argued hundreds of legal motions and submitted countless written legal memoranda to the courts of the Commonwealth including a successful memorandum to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.  Atorney Sheehan practices exclusively as a criminal defense attorney, his entire practice is concentrated on this specific field of law.
  4. Personal Skills: Attorney Sheehan will work with you to craft a strategy that will be successful for YOUR case. At the end of the day, you are the one who will be impacted the most by your case. It is important to have an attorney who not only represents you, but who also has your best interests at heart. It is a fact that most criminal cases resolve short of a trial. In cases where you will make an admission or plea, it is important to understand all of the ramifications of that plea, attorney Sheehan will take the time to explain all of this to you. Further, in an instance where you will be going to trial, you’ll want an experienced and practical attorney by your side to defend you, attorney Sheehan fits that mold.
  5. Costs: Attorney Sheehan is available to be hired for reasonable flat fees in criminal matters as well as on an hourly basis with a retainer. Some attorneys will charge higher fees, some may charge lesser fees, attorney Sheehan will charge what he believes is a reasonable fee based upon the particulars of your case. In the end, no matter who you hire to represent you, you should feel comfortable with them because they will be representing you before the court.