Mission Statement

I believe that every individual seeking legal representation for whatever reason, should have not just a competent attorney, but rather a skilled practitioner who will represent the client’s interests. Unfortunately in this day and age of “bigger is better”, larger law firms and high profile attorneys seek to warehouse clients into a department and let associate attorneys who are overworked and have too little experience handle those client’s cases. I have witnessed this first hand in my experiences in the legal community and it is unfortunate for a client who pays large sums of money for a brand name firm or high profile attorney who barely knows their client, nor has the time or experience to deal with their client’s particular needs.

It is my goal to serve the client and only the client’s needs. Further, I will appear on your behalf at all court proceedings, I will meet with you at time convenient to you and I will not charge excessive fees as I keep my overhead down and pass that savings onto you.

In the end you need to choose an attorney with whom you are comfortable. I would recommend that you never take the cheapest attorney, the slick attorney who has all the answers and promises you the moon and the stars, nor the attorney who is not willing to listen to you and your concerns, because in the end you will likely be very disappointed!


Patrick E. Sheehan