Biography of Attorney Sheehan

State & Federal Bar Admissions:

Attorney Sheehan is an attorney in good standing in Massachusetts and is licensed to practice at every level of the Massachusetts State Court System, including but not limited to: District Court, Municipal Court, Superior Court, the Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court.

Attorney Sheehan is also licensed to practice in the Federal Court’s First Circuit in Massachusetts.


Criminal Law Experience:

Attorney Sheehan worked for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office from 2002 to  2006. In his four years in the Suffolk DA’s Office, attorney Sheehan has taken to trial and prosecuted every imaginable type of offense from motor vehicle offenses including OUI’s, felony assault and batteries, sexual assault cases, firearms cases, almost every form of larceny to every imaginable drug offense including multiple school zone trials.

Throughout his career in the District Attorney’s Office, he served as a full time assistant district attorney (“ADA”) in three main capacities:

For his last year and a half in the office, attorney Sheehan served as the supervisor of the South Boston Division of the Boston Municipal Court. During that time, he was personally responsible for the handling and processing of approximately three thousand new arraignments, while supervising the South Boston Court and being responsible for the motions and trials (jury and judge trials) of those cases as well.

In the Boston Municipal Court Central Division he served as a full time ADA in charge of a daily caseload of approximately three to four hundred cases. He handled arraignments, probation surrender hearings, motions hearings, and jury and bench trials.

As a specially assigned “Safe Neighborhood Initiative” ADA in the Chelsea District Court, he served on a federal grant that focused the office’s resources on certain “hot spots” in the city of Chelsea. Attorney Sheehan was responsible for prosecuting high crime repeat offenders and gang members due to their impact on the community.

As an ADA, attorney Sheehan has tried cases, often successfully, in front of most judges and multiple juries in the Boston Municipal Court system including South Boston, the Central Division and Chelsea District Court.

Due to his extensive training and experience, attorney Sheehan was responsible for the supervision and training of multiple ADAs and interns over his years in the office. In 2005, the ADA who is Chief of District Court’s did a written performance review of attorney Sheehan. That review contained near perfect scores in every performance category including: courtroom skills, trial technique, ability to deal with personnel, judges and opposing counsel as well as efficiency and abilities overall as a prosecutor and an attorney.

Civil Litigation Experience:

After graduating from Suffolk University Law School, attorney Sheehan practiced at a Boston based civil litigation law firm specializing in insurance defense. At this firm, attorney Sheehan was responsible for case preparation, depositions, pleadings, settlement talks and other litigation tasks. Attorney Sheehan learned the ins and outs of civil litigation while maintaining complex lawsuits including wrongful death suits, automotive torts and products liability.


In 2000, attorney Sheehan received his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School in Boston. Attorney Sheehan was honored for his academic performance with Dean’s List for two of his three years at Suffolk University Law School. While at Suffolk, attorney Sheehan received first place honors in the prestigious Justice Thomas C. Clark Appellate Advocacy Competition which includes an oral argument competition as well as a written legal memorandum component. The finals for this competition were held in front of federal judge as well as Massachusetts Appeals Court Justice. Attorney Sheehan also received many other academic accolades while at Suffolk Law School relating to his courtroom advocacy skills and written legal skills.

Attorney Sheehan received his bachelor of arts in political science from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1996.


Attorney Patrick E. Sheehan was born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts and now lives with his family in the greater Boston area.